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circle3AOTA aims to encourage membership of a broad band of physicians & other scientists with special interest on the thyroid either as object for research or as source of patients’ morbidities.
Membership can be through their national thyroid associations or by individual application with endorsements from national endocrine societies or pertinent professional organizations.
Annual membership dues is very reasonable compared to the price of belonging to a prestigious regional association.

How to be a Member (effective January 2011)

AOTA is open to Individual Membership from any country in Asia. Regular Membership is extended to any physician, scientist or other allied professional interested in the clinical applications, basic research, epidemiologic sciences, training and other related fields of Thyroidology (Read More on Policy on Membership & Membership Development; Read More on Listing of AOTA Member Countries).

  1. If an applicant is from a country with an existing Thyroid Association (TA) or Endocrine Society (ES) he shall:
    1. Write a Letter of Membership Intent (LMI) which includes pertinent personal data (see Membership Application Form);
    2. Submit required documentation (photograph, e-mail addresses and biography or curriculum vitae);
    3. Submit endorsement from the TA or ES of his country;
  2. If an applicant is from a country without TA or ES, he shall:
    1. Write a Letter of Membership Intent (LMI) which includes pertinent personal data (see Membership Application Form);
    2. Submit required documentation (photograph, e-mail addresses and biography or curriculum vitae);
    3. Submit a letter of recommendation from any active AOTA member from any country, or from its national professional society;
  3. The application shall be reviewed by the AOTA Membership Committee.
  4. The applicant pays the corresponding dues (US$ 4.00/year; US$ 20.00/5years).
  5. Application of interested physicians and other allied health professionals from outside Asia shall be treated on a case-to-case basis and follows the steps as in (2,3,4).
  6. Application for Affiliate Membership by lay people and those belonging to thyroid advocacy or support groups is encouraged and follows the steps as in (1,3,4 or 2,3,4 accordingly).

For more information, please email us.

Policy on Membership & Membership Development

(As of December 7, 2010)

  1. AOTA was established to recruit individuals interested in all aspects of thyroidology, regardless of nationality, educational qualifications or membership in any national association.
  2. AOTA strives to provide an inclusive policy of membership application which shall be open to physicians and allied health professionals who handle thyroid patients or those with an active interest in the disciplines of thyroid research, teaching and training.
  3. In countries within the AOTA Region where national thyroid associations have been established, AOTA shall accept their members as individual AOTA members upon certification by these existing organizations and after payment of dues.
  4. Annual membership dues from countries with representations in the Council shall be transmitted by the Council Member to the Secretary-Treasurer starting from October until the end of December of each year even without the need for reminders.
  5. In countries within the Region without national thyroid associations, membership shall be extended to those individuals from endocrine societies or other professional associations upon recommendation by these bodies or by a member of AOTA and upon payment of membership dues.
  6. A Letter of Membership Intent shall include all pertinent data regarding the applicant and shall be submitted together with relevant documentation (including photograph, email addresses and short biographies).
  7. The current membership dues starting 2010 shall be US$ 4.00/person, payable to the AOTA Secretary-Treasurer. The membership dues can be adjusted periodically by the AOTA Council without prior notice. Lump-sum payment of annual dues for 5 years can be made to ease administrative tracking and obviate costs of bank transfers.
  8. AOTA shall establish a Membership Committee which shall review applications for membership and shall monitor members’ status. This Committee can recommend Lifetime Membership, termination of members upon non-payment of dues for 3 consecutive years, and membership from outside the AOTA Region on a case-to-case basis after fulfilling all requirements.
  9. Interested lay people (e.g., patients, advocates and support groups) shall be encouraged to apply as AOTA affiliates provided they can contribute significantly to thyroid awareness and dissemination of information to the public.
  10. AOTA shall establish linkages and cooperation with medical and scientific organizations as well as international agencies which can enhance the professional development of its members through mutual sharing of information and joint research undertaking.
    (The above Policies have been developed from inputs from different views expressed in Discussion Board # 1 among AOTA Officers & Council Members)