Nagataki is ETA Honorary Member

officer_nagatakiThe European Thyroid Association, in its 35the Annual Meeting in Krakow, Poland, last September 2011, conferred upon Prof Shigenobu Nagataki, an Honorary Membership.  According to the ETA Statutes, Honorary Membership is conferred upon persons of great distinction who have rendered an exceptional service to the study of the thyroid gland.

As Honorary Member, Prof Nagataki joins an illustrious list composed of Jacques Dumont (Belgium), Ragnar Ekholm (Sweden), Bror-Axel Lamberg (Finland), Gabriella Morreale de Escobar (Spain), George Hennemann (The Netherlands), Aldo Pinchera (Italy) & E. Dillwyn Williams (UK).  It is noteworthy that Prof Nagataki is the first Asian to become ETA Honorary Member.

Prof Nagataki is AOTA’s 3rd President from 1985 up to 2000 and currently is its Honorary President.  In Krakow he delivered a Special Report on Fukushima as a plenary lecture